A Cool Painting effect (Thomas Kinkade-ish)

The Circle Paint and Oil Paint functions provide two types of painting effects in Sagelight.  The Oil Paint, in particular, can do a pretty good job of making an oil painting, especially with the textured brush.

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with mixing effects and came up with a real nice “Thomas Kinkade” style of oil painting by using a combination of the Circle Paint and Oil Paint effects together.  I did this by using the Blend Undo Image effect in combination with the original image to add back in some definition.

The results, I think, were great.  Here is an example:

Just by changing the settings in the Oil Paint and Circle Paint, you can create quite a different effect.  Here is another example, more of a watercolor:

The Video Tutorial

Here is the video tutorial — make sure to watch at 720p and at full screen — or just watch it on youtube (WordPress doesn’t put in a very big image view, and it’s worth it to watch at full resolution):

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