Getting Artistic with Duotones and Multitones in Sagelight

In addition to making pictures ‘pop out’ by adjusting colors, contrast/brightness, etc., Sagelight is also capable of doing high-level artistic work with pictures.

 I posted a number of duotone examples at

Let me explain duotones a little bit, taken from the Duotone Example Page from

Duotones, Multitones, and Colortones in Sagelight

You’ve probably already seen duotones on the web, such as the one above. Duotones can add depth and a dramatic tone to a black-and-white image, or a color image converted to a black-and-white image, and then converted to a duotone. In a simple sense, duotones are black-and-white pictures with a single tone running throughout, though there is an art to get just the right tone. The traditional form of a duotone uses deeper colors for darker tones, tending more towards a lighter, or white tone, as the brightness in the image increases. Otherwise, the image would become dull cast of just one color. The traditional form of duotone as applied to digital images comes from a traditional physical printing process. The idea is that a black ink is used and then another color ink is applied to the image.

Here is an example picture:

Check out a slideshow of duotones, multitones, and what I am calling “colortones” at


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