The Sagelight Blog

Lately, I’ve been deciding whether to write a Newsletter, a blog, or stay primarily on the Discussion Board.

I’ve found that the discussion board isn’t quite adequate, though, for keeping track of new things going on with Sagelight. Recent tutorials and techniques for example. I can post images based on new ways I’ve found to use Sagelight, but these get buried along with other conversation topics.

With this blog, I want to keep on top of the things happening in Sagelight – things being worked on, but primarily how to extend your experience with Sagelight.

Sagelight is written  to provide the best results with as little effort as possible. But, like any powerful editor, the things that connect the more powerful elements tend to get obscured.  The duotones I like to do, for example, and my latest kick in making Thomas Kinkade-style paintings by using the Circle Paint and Oil Paint in conjunction with the Blend Undo Image. None of this is hard, but it needs to be known about! And, I am also doing tutorials to expose these elements.

I’ve always thought that’s why Adobe Photoshop is so hard to use. It’s the most powerful editor that I know if, in total, but it took me years to learn how to do just a few things that you can do in Sagelight with a couple sliders.

That’s not bragging – really, it’s more of a testament of how powerful Photoshop is, but also how elusive because it has so many disconnected options. Sagelight, too, has become more powerful as I add more traditional elements as well as new things I’ve been developing.

For example, I’ve received a few letters about how limited the Vignette Controls are because the vignette only works on the center of the image. — but, you can just move the center of the Vignette by moving it with the mouse!

So, that’s what this blog is about. Kind of an ongoing newsletter. As I add things, I’ll write about them here. I’m especially pleased with the Duotone examples I put up, as well as the painting effects I’ve been playing with.

The Discussion Board

I’m going to put more emphasis on writing directly to people on the discussion board. I would like to see what you’re working on. A user named Salexo posted a really cool blend of the Plastic Effect and Circle Paint effect, for example, and it would be great to see more.

So, feel free to leave comments here, but also visit the discussion board at You don’t need to register to post messages (though they may take a little while to appear due to spamming).



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