10 Rules of Basic Image Editing: Introduction

First, I want to point out that these aren’t rules.  I just said that in the title to get your attention.

There really aren’t rules to image editing, just things to know that can help you get what you want and to express yourself.  In fact, I have to admit to being corrected on this.  I was originally going to call these rules, but then someone pointed out a simple coloring book.  They didn’t know I was working on this, so the comment was completely unrelated — at least to them, but it hit me right on the head.

The coloring book picture was of a car with some trees on the background.  It had totally been colored in by a child.  It was so heavy in crayon,  you could practically smell it through the monitor — it definitely brought back memories.   The child who drew it didn’t even try to stay in the lines.  It was  mess.  And it was beautiful.    The comment made was “it’s great to see these drawings, while they still express their absolute creativity — before they learn to stay in the lines.”

Now, that’s artistic!

That changed the entire tone of where I was going with this set of tutorials. 

There really are no rules.  There are just guidelines to help you get what you want, and nothing more.  The first rule, that I will discuss separately, is “If it looks good, then it’s fine…“. 

The idea behind these guidelines are to show you some very basic elements of image editing that will help you make even better images.  For instance, doing some things later than sooner can help you bring out even more in your image and help you express yourself in even more ways.

That’s really the point — to go from basic image enhancement to really expressing your creativity.  With Sagelight, you can do both. 


The Process

I was originally going write all this up, post it with examples, and so-forth.  But, I realized two things:

  1. It’s an overwhelming job!  So, I want to take it piecemeal.
  2. I’d like to get reaction as I go along, so I can shape it, re-edit it, and make it something that really works.  So, I’m going to do it with your help.  Sagelight has just started, and this blog is only a few days old.  So, it may take a little while.  I learned a long time ago that things turn out better when more people are involved, and when I can answer actual needs as opposed to some dry, classroom setting, then it’s just more fun overall.


picture, courtesy: jancin (Flickr)

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