Discussion Board Items

The discussion board doesn’t really seem to be a good place to post bulletin-board items, so I guess I will do it here.

1. Image Attachments Turned On.

It’s come to my attention that including images has been turned of in the section to share image (thanks Selexo).  That’s been fixed.  It was letting me do it, but I didn’t know no one else could!  So, hopefully more people will post images.  I really like to see what people are doing, and it gives me ideas for which functions to add next.

2. Message Notification

I’ve finally figured out how to get the discussion board to notify me when message are entered, so I should be able to answer posts in a more timely manner.  I’ve really enjoyed where the discussion have been going lately, especially with the idea of improving on the UI as I start working on the next version.

If you’re new to Sagelight, the discussion board can be found at www.sagelighteditor.com/discussion

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