Some Images Created using Plug-In Filters and Sagelight Functions

Here are some images made with a combination of using Sagelight and Plug-In filters. I’ve found that using Sagelight to enhance, brighten, add color to, and otherwise help images along, and the using plug-in filters (or vice-versa) can really be a good combination.

These are some examples I’ve come up with just by playing around. None of these are so much intentional, as much I was just going where I felt like going by using different controls and getting ideas as I went along.


Lighthouse Original

Here is what I was able to do with a combination of the filters included with Sagelight, Luce and Irridescent Filter. After that, I used Sagelight to add color and used the Circle Paint Effect. The result is a nice pastel, watercolor-like effect.

Lighthouse after using Plug-In Filters + Sagelight functions

Eiffel Tower

Here, I used the free framing filters from the Filter Forge FREE Filter pack sample. These don’t expire, and can be used on images up to 3000×3000. See for more information.

In this example, I used the vintage effect in Sagelight, then used the Filter Forge filter, after which I used the Add Border function in Sagelight to add the outline. I didn’t include the original, but here is the result:

Eiffel Tower

Canon de Chelly

Here is another example of framing with the Filter Forge free pack. This is an Edward S. Curtis image I was working on in Sagelight. I used the Add Border function in Sagelight to essentially expand the image canvas to make room for the frame, then used the Filter Forge filter:

Cannon de Chelly, framed with Filter Forge free pack filter

These are just a few examples of using the plug-in filters with a combination of Sagelight functions, as opposed to just using the filters by themselves.

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