Interesting Discussion Board Conversations

In the last few days, some interesting things have come out the discussion board.  These are things I would (or will) make into blog items, having the time to re-tailor them, add pictures and context, etc.  But for now, I thought I’d point to some specific entries that explain some aspects of Sagelight (or image editing, in general) that you might find interesting.

1. Noise Reduction on Raw Files.  Here, we’re discussing the idea of using some of the noise reduction features in Sagelight on RAW files. This discussion started with the idea of the fact that cameras are doing more in-camera processing on the JPEG files, for good reason.  RAW CCD data is becoming more complex as CCD capacities grow, and therefore, there is more going on, such as blurring the colors and not the luminance to remove color noise.

In this section, we’re discussion using the noise-removal features in Sagelight to do some processing on RAW files that can help clean up the RAW.

2. Remove Color Cast Function.  I’ve really wanted to do a tutorial on this “unsung” function in Sagelight.  It’s pretty useful in certain circumstances.  Here is a description of how to use it in a couple different ways, to isolate certain tonal regions, how to use it to balance your picture, as well as using it to show you color casts you may not be seeing in your image

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