Color Contrast Feature Example (and Youtube Tutorial)

Color Contrast Feature

The Color Contrast feature can be very useful and have a powerful effect on your image.  Sometimes, I think it gets a little overlooked.  So, here is a collage of images I made from one single image.  I used the Color Contrast in various modes.  Here is the original image:  

Original Image

8 Different Variations on the Color Contrast Feature with one Image

As you can see, the Color Contrast feature can be flexible and change your image in many different and dramatic ways.  

A lot of the power you can get from Sagelight comes from mixing different elements with each other.  For example, the last image (lower-right) was changed with the Color Contrast feature, and then the Vintage Effect was used on the original.  The two were then mixed with the Blend Undo Image feature (in Overlay Mode).  

See the video for more information:  


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