Get a lifetime version of Sagelight for just $39.95 (limited-time)

Version 4 is just around the corner, but has been delayed by a few factors.  A lot of the delay has been a lot of the technology developed late in the process. I felt it was worth the wait, and I will have a pre-release out very shortly.

When 4.0 is released, Sagelight will go up to $79.95 in price, with an eventual price increase after that.

Why will the price increase?

Sagelight is getting compared more and more to well-known editors (i.e. Lightroom, et. al), and has a serious amount of power. The new version has a lot of new technology, and it’s time that Sagelight takes its place where it belongs.

Until the next version is released, you can get get a lifetime version for just $39.95 (click here). There will be a pre-release of the new version in just a few days.

This is a great way to get to know Sagelight Editor.  As I stated in the previous blog post, I am learning how to express the power that Sagelight has.  And, for a limited time, you can get the lifetime version for less than half of what it will be in the next few months.


P.S. If you bought the original Lightbox version or the Pay What You Want Sale, there is a reasonable upgrade fee for the lifetime version (just e-mail for details).

3 thoughts on “Get a lifetime version of Sagelight for just $39.95 (limited-time)

  1. Hello Rob.

    I have reviewed your software on my website and am eagerly awaiting the release of your 4.0 version. I hope that your customers and visitors realize the incredible offer you are giving with the lifetime upgrade purchase.

    Can’t wait to review your next version as well. 4.0 has been up and coming for some time. The only thing I will be sad about is when this incredible lifetime upgrade offer is over.

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