Sagelight 4.0 Available

I’m pleased to announce that Sagelight 4.0 (Part I) is available for general download.   download it at  It’s a 17.5 megabyte download.

Please see the notes below.

Why Part I?

I mentioned in some other blog posts that a lot of technology was developed for Sagelight version 4, so much that it is just hard to get it out in one pass.  It works out, I think, because it gives a chance to talk about some things before others, such as the Power Curves, Saturation, Power Box, etc., and it also allows certain things to mature to get feedback, such as some of the new masking, RAW issues, etc.

A lot of the delay in getting Part I out was that some technology was developed late in the process.  Now that Version 4.0 is out, I can get out updates much quicker and more regularly, since the engine is put back together with the new spectrum of things, including a lot of SSE 4 code — which, surprisingly, turns out to be a big part of the backbone of version 4, because it allows for a lot of aggressive routines that wouldn’t be possible otherwise (or would be very slow), such as the new Perceptual/Sagelight saturation algorithms, which I’m really happy with but are also very algorithmically intensive.

Parts 2 and 3

The intention is for another two parts before I’m really ready to get all of version 4 out (and raise the price), but these next two release shouldn’t take too long.  Part 2 is about adding a lot of RAW functionality, including a browser, and some quick-turnaround on things I wanted to get in this release, to fill it out.

After that is some new noise reduction, batching, and a few other items.  I’m doing it this way, as opposed to putting out versions 5 and 6, because this release really has all of the technology in the engine, and it’s just a matter of putting it all in.  It also allows me to keep the price lower through the 4.o rollout.  I might increase the price when I release Part 2 and then complete the new pricing when part 3 (and all of version 4) is out.   I should have Part 2 out in a few weeks.


  1. the Sagelight 4 download can be registered with your current registration code  if you have a license for version 4.0.
  2. Otherwise, it will run as a 30-day trial
  3. If you have an original Lightbox purchase or a Pay-What-You-Want purchase of 3.0, you can get Sagelight for the difference between the current promotion and what you paid (to convert it to a lifetime version while the sale is still active).
  4. Some people with licenses to 4.0 may need to get a registration code (I switched to the registration code system sometime last year).  If so, please write me at
  5. This download still identifies itself as a Beta version — the beta part of it is the installer itself, but the main Sagelight program is pretty much the release version.  So, there is no need to download an update until I have an update that has something interesting, which should be in about a week-to-10 days.
  6. Sagelight requires Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP/95/NT, etc.   Sagelight Supports MMX/SSE2 and SSE4 extensions, and requires about 512 Megs of ram, with no minimum resolution (works on Netbooks, etc.
  7. This version installs as “Sagelight 4” and won’t change anything from version 3.  So, once you’re comfortable with it, you might want to uninstall version 3.
  8. If you are in the middle of a trial for Sagelight 3.1 (or it has expired), this will restart the trial.

Anyway, that’s about it.  I’m pretty happy with this release, especially a lot of the new RAW functionality, the Power Box, and new functions like the Power Curves, Vibrance, & Saturation.  Let me know what you think!

For a list of features for this release, see the blog post just below this one.


(image credit: “The Line Up…” by Nanagyei, Flickr).

6 thoughts on “Sagelight 4.0 Available

  1. Congratulations on getting this out. Downloading it now. I just have one question at this stage.

    Given the differences between the Intel & AMD instructions, does Sagelight use any instructions that are purely one or the other?

    • Thanks!

      No, Sagelight doesn’t use any AMD- or Intel-specific instructions. In fact, there are some instructions I’ve wanted to use but have avoided out of concern that AMD wasn’t supporting them, at least with some older models. With SSE4, if Sagelight doesn’t find the SSE4 capability bits set (in the CPUID instruction), then it uses SSE2 versions of the functions.


  2. Hi Rob. I’ve installed it. Unfortunately it’s not opening dng files. It comes up with “There was an unknown error”. This didn’t happen with the pre-release standalone.

    • So it hasn’t been my imagination… I was seeing that today and just wasn’t sure what was going on. Can you do me a favor and send me a file where it happens? I am 99% certain I know what I did in the last couple days to make that happen, but I would like to test it out on the type of file you used, too.

    • Hi, Kevin. I found the problem. It has to do with reading the exif data from the RAW image. Give me about 24 hours and I will have an update that fixes that. I would still appreciate a sample where that happens, just to make sure it fixes what you’re seeing. Rob

  3. Gmail won’t allow me to send large files (it’s 57Mb), so I’m sending you a link with Hope you get it ok!

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