Welcome to the Sagelight Editor Blog

This blog is for things currently happening in Sagelight.

Useful links

Homepage: www.sagelighteditor.com

My direct e-mail: rob@sagelighteditor.com

Direct link to the free 30-day trial: www.sagelighteditor.com/install_trial.exe (22  megs, All Windows versions).

Sagelight Editor Facebook Page An informal place to post your pictures, thoughts, and ask questions.  It was just set up — please “like” it so it can get it’s own username.

Youtube Page (with video tutorials — can be accessed on the discussion board, too): http://www.youtube.com/sagelighteditor

Current Sale:

The $39.95 (lifetime version) sale is coming to a close, ending around the 1st of January. Sagelight is currently being split into a Standard and Enthusiast/Pro version.  The current version is the Enthusiast/Pro version, though the current pricing reflects the standard version.  Once the split is complete, the Enthusiast/Pro version will be $79.95.


6 thoughts on “Welcome to the Sagelight Editor Blog

  1. Hi Rob,

    Great effort in getting the blog up. I think this will be a much better medium than the Discussion board. There is just so much in SageLight! Would love some “manuals” in PDF format and looking forward to the .8bf support.

    • Thanks! I think the blog might be working out better than the discussion board. I think it’s just that Sagelight needs to grow before the discussion board is going to take off, where the blog here can be more focused. I really like that you can embed Youtube videos at a much higher resolution on the discussion board, and that it’s also easy for people to post pictures. I really can’t post the examples on this blog like I can on the discussion board — at least until I figure out how to make it look nice, perhaps through Flickr.

      Yes, the .8BF support should be around very soon, in the next couple weeks. I’m looking forward to it, too!

      What kind of PDF manuals would you like to see?

  2. Hi Rob,

    Great news about .8bf plugin support Looking forward to it. A PDF “manual” of the various built-in help “files” would be useful. Also PDF’s of the examples would be great. I previously “printed” to PDF. Cheers

  3. I agree on the manual. I tried to find the live histogram recently and had to go to a tut … yes, the huge button is now obvious to me 😉

    • The histogram isn’t fully documented (which is why the lower price in Sagelight right now, as I address the new features). But, what about the tooltip that pops up over it when you hover for about 1/2 second? Did that help you out at all.

      In terms of the manual, there is topic-sensitive help in every function in Sagelight. The newer features aren’t completely filled out yet, but they do have help that explains all of the details. So, in a sense, there is a manul — a very complete manual. You can also select HELP and it will list all help topics (except for the new features, as explained).

      It’s known as a universal problem, though, that the help in any software is often disconnected to the functionality of the software. This is why I have tootltips on every control and the help in the actual sections where you’re using the function.

      So, I guess my question is… What else can I do to make the help topics get in front of you, and how would a PDF-style manual help?

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