Have a Gallery you Want to Share? (plus a couple links inside)

I’m really getting interested in what people are doing with Sagelight and their images.  Sagelight users have been sending me links to their work or posting on the discussion board.  It’s been really great to see, and there are so many amazing pictures that people are taking.

My real passion isn’t image editing so much as it is artistic expression through photography.  Sagelight really came from that desire and to make doing it easier.

Your Galleries

If you have a gallery of pictures you’d like to share (i.e. Flickr, Pbase, etc.), please send me a link.  I am going to start a “Sagelight Users’ Galleries” page so people can see what others are doing.  You don’t have to be a sole user of Sagelight – many people use multiple editors for their strengths, with Sagelight being part of that workflow.  If you send me a link, let me know if there is a picture that I can use as a thumbnail to represent the gallery.

Some Gallery Links

Here are three galleries from the site:

duotones.sagelighteditor.com.  Duotones have been one of my favorite photographic things to do, allowing you to do very stark & dramatic pictures, either through basic duotones or split-color duotones (that look like color pictures but have only 1 or 2 hues in them total)

streetview.sagelighteditor.com. This is a page that has a number of Google Earth Street View pictures (which start off very basic and plain) edited into much nicer pictures.   Finding the pictures was just as hard as editing them!

dominique.sagelighteditor.com. This is a gallery of some work done through Sagelight by Dominuqe Gregoire.  One of the pictures (the third one) won a contest!

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