Awesome Galleries of Images edited with Sagelight

I mentioned in another post that I have been seeing some of the images Sagelight user’s have edited.  I tend to end up with stark, colorful pictures, but some of the pictures I’ve seen edited with Sagelight are really reminding me about the art of subtlety.

This picture was edited in Sagelight by Dominque Gregoire, and also won Picture of the Day on a photography site:

(click on the image for the full-size — the thumbnail doesn’t really do it justice)

I’ve always thought Dominique has such an excellent eye for photography, and he also uses Sagelight to bring up the shadows in a way that really makes the picture soft and yet still stand out brilliantly.

Here are more of his pictures, mostly edited in Sagelight:

Galleries of Dominique Gregoire

note: Most pictures in the galleries were edited with Sagelight, but not every single one. There were also other filters used, such as a lomo filter here and there (I recommend plug-in filters in general — Flaming Pear has a lomo plug-in, and a really cool water-reflection plug-in that work with Sagelight).

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