Extending the $39.95 lifetime version sale until end of March, 2011

The intent of the way-too-low $39.95 lifetime version sale was to say thanks for waiting for version 4 as I dealt with some issues causing its delay.  I was going to release 4.0 into 3 parts and then raise the price after that.

Version 4.what?

But, I found out there was no way to release “Version 4.0 part I” or “Version 4.0 1/2 part deux” because it was just too confusing — people didn’t know whether “Part I” meant they needed to pay more for “Part II” or anything I was talking about.

So, this last release is the official non-beta release of 4.0.

But, there are still two things I need to add before I’m going to end the sale.  This is the integrated RAW browser and Exif/IPTC editor which I wasn’t able to complete fully; and there was no reason to continue sitting on unreleased technology.

With the new RAW functionality and all of the improvements in version 4, the RAW browser and Exif/IPTC information are on the fast-track to completion, and I would expect something (RAW Browser first) by the end of the month.

Get it While it’s Still Cheap

So, if you’re interested in an editor that gets compared to Lightroom ($300 retail) more and more, (I’ll put up references to that soon) at a ground-floor level, it’s just $39.95 with a lifetime license for a little while longer (see the website at: www.sagelighteditor.com)

Anyway, thanks for waiting for version 4.  The delay issues have been solved, so now it’s back to getting these updates out on a regular basis.

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