New: Picture of the Day for February 17th, 2011

I’m going to try to put up a new picture just about every day edited with Sagelight.   Right now, I’m working with subtlety and colors.   Let me know how I did.

I am posting these on the facebook page.  See the image and comment there:

Try the link to the full-size version — Facebook highly compressed this picture, and it has a lot of detail.

(Please “like” the page — a few more and I can get a username and a proper url).

4 thoughts on “New: Picture of the Day for February 17th, 2011

    • HDR-ish in a ‘good’ way, or a little fake like we’ve been talking about on the discussion board? In this case, I did a soft focus on it, and that is probably giving it a surreal quality — I need to add more options to that, as I find it useful and would like to be able to tweak the results more.

      Or, if you looked at the Facebook version — it really was decimated by the jpeg compression. In fact, this particular picture is a good example of how imaged with a lot of very finely-detailed areas really suffer unless you use the maximum compression — I can’t really use up all my bandwidth, so I keep it around an ‘8’ at the most, but this picture visibly suffers when note saved at the highest quality level (but then it’s pretty huge). So I wonder if that’s part of why it’s looking HDR-ish, because when I looked at the Facebook compressed version, it didn’t really represent what I saved.

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