Picture for February 18th, 2011

Still working with colors, but less subtle than yesterday…

Carhenge Fish Scultpure

Meanwhile, in Nebraska… Carhenge is a duplication (sort of ) of Stonehenge but with cars.

This is another instance where the thumbnail just doesn’t do the subtle movements from one color tone to another  justice.  Click on the image for the facebook page where you can also see an 800×1200 version that looks much nicer.


How it was enhanced from the original photograph

This was really, kind of basic processing.  In yesterday’s picture, I brought down the highlights and made it moody.  In this picture, I used the fill light and then brought down the midtones.  Then I added color with the Vibrance, offsetting it with the Definition controls (which works well when adding colors).  Then I used the definition layers again just on the care to bring it out of the picture.  After that, it was just a matter of tinkering — I added a little contrast to the sky.

I also use the noise reduction on the sky, as the original jpeg quality was starting to show its edges & artifacts.

Picture, “Carhenge Fish Sculpture” provided by Jeremy Burgin (flickr)


Actually, I changed my mind about the original being available on the facebook page (it’s there, too).  The thumbnail just doesn’t do justice to the picture.  So, click on the thumbnail or here to see a larger-sized version (about 800×1200)

Your Pictures

I’ve love to post your pictures here, too.   I’ve seen so many amazing pictures editing with Sagelight and I’d be pleased to show them off here. If you have one you’d like to share, let me know!


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