New Video Tutorial: Using the Curves Box in Sagelight

Using the Curves Box in Sagelight

YouTube Link:

This video discusses how to use the Curves Box in Sagelight and how it has been created to be very easy to use. Among other things, how to define and set curves, as well as how to select different channels and color spaces (in modes that suppport it) are discussed.  Examples in the Quick Edit Mode, Pro Quick Edit Mode, and Power Curves are shown.

Things shown in the video

  • Generally using curves.  defining points, selecting channels, and the general interface
  • Curves options, including showing background curves, selection controls, etc.
  • Curves menu selections, such as Auto Balance, Auto levels, and how they can help set you up for a great color control over your image
  • Using curves in the C*I*E LAB and HSL color space in the Pro Quick Edit Mode
  • Using extensions to the curves concepts, such as the Chroma Channel in RGB space, XYZ color spaces, as well as LCH color spaces.

One the main ideas behind using traditional curves in Sagelight is to make them more useful in light of the new technology developed in the last 10 years or so that makes other tools more useful for general toning.

However, by making curves easier to use and adding extensions (such as the Chroma Channel in the RGB space), using curves can become even more useful in different ways.

One the most interesting examples is using the Auto Balance functions in the Curves Box to set a “starting point” to help tone your image, and how this can be used as an extensions of normal tools (i.e. without getting in the way) to get even more out of your image.

This is another tutorial where, though it has some technical details, can show you how to get even more power out of Sagelight by looking into some tools you might otherwise overlook because they seem complicated or esoteric — when just a little background knowledge can demystify it very quickly.


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