Sagelight 4.1 Beta Released

I am happy to announce the release of 4.1 beta, featuring the new LightBlender.   See the previous post (below this one) for details!

Where to download:

30-day trial:

Size: 20 Megabytes.

(before/after image from the LightBlender)

Release notes for version 4.1 (beta)

  • LightBlender 1.0
    • The LightBlender is a powerful tool that helps you manipulate the light in your image in many ways.  It can help you bring up the shadows in very dark pictures, bring down the highlights, and otherwise make very big differences in your image with just a few controls.
    • At its simplest level, it’s sort of like the Smart Light Controls, but has much more range and acts differently to dramatically change your image.  See the examples in the post below.
    • The LightBlender is located in the Power Box, and works with the Quick Edit Mode, and in all color spaces (RGB, C*I*E LAB, and HSL) in the Pro Quick-Edit Mode.
  • Improved Functionality with Sliders
    • Sliders now have arrow keys working more generally.
    • You can also use the mousewheel (it’s been there for a while, but I am just mentioning it again)
    • You can hold the control-key down which will add a finer resolution to the slider.
      • The smaller sliders (used to get more space) don’t have as much width.
      • When you press the CTRL key, the slider handle will center and you can adjust the current setting with a much finer control
      • this works with the mousewheel, moving the slider with the mouse, and the keyboard keys.
    • The direction of the mousewheel has been reversed (sorry!)
      • This was necessary because the vertical sliders are naturally used with a positive slider movement with the down motion of the mousewheel.
      • The previous implementation had this reversed, so this has been changed.
  • Curves support the mousewheel and CTRL key construct
    • The curves window is used in the Power Curves, Curves in the Quick Edit Mode, Pro-Quick Edit Mode, the Vibrance, Curves, etc., and also the new LightBlender, and is a very powerful tool in Sagelight
    • Now you can use the mousewheel to bump the highlighted point up or down.
    • if you are holding the CTRL key down at the time, it will double the resolution.
    • The normal resolution of the grid/curve space is 1024×1024 (as opposed to the typical 256×256). The LightBlender, for example, is very high resolution, and using holding the CTRL key down bring up the resolution as you’re using the mousewheel or keyboard keys.
  • Crash while moving the Window on SSE2 systems
    • There was a crash issue when moving the window on SSE2 computers when no file was opened.  This has been fixed.
  • “Reduce Halos” in the Definition Sliders
    • This helps reduce halos that occur in the definition sliders on occasion.  You can just toggle this on & off to see if it helps your image.
  • “More Options” added to the Power Box
    • The Power Box will now come up with a limited set of options.
    • Press the “More Options” button to show all controls.
    • This was done to keep the Power Box simpler until you want it to be less simple and even more powerful.
  • Sliders and Curves Quick Start Help Dialog
    • Under “Help” there are now two menus that will bring up some quick help on how to use the sliders and curves window.

The 4.1 release (as opposed to beta) will be available in a week or so.  This beta is very stable and it is a beta mostly to get comments/feedback on the LightBlender.  the 4.1 release will have a few more additions, such as a high-pass filter, more blending functions, and some bug fixes.

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