Discussion Board Replacement Active

Since phpBB destroyed the old discussion board, I have a replacement until vBulletin is going:


or just go to http://www.facebook.com/SageEdit  and click “discussions”.

When I get vBulletin up I will transfer the discussions over.   In the meantime, it seems pretty informal and is very easy to use.

5 thoughts on “Discussion Board Replacement Active

  1. Sorry, this does not work for users like me who refuses to join FB on principal. I value my privacy. I have sent email requests direct to Rob for technical support that does not get any replies. The old forum at least allowed me to get some feedback from other users. As a paid user, I am not too happy with the loss of a dedicated forum.

  2. I’m really starting to know what you mean about Facebook. I am starting to see my face (i.e. Facebook profile) picture on so many sites, it just isn’t amusing to me anymore, and I get more and more concerned about every little thing I do on the Internet ending up in some profile.

    So, I get that… I am working to get vBulletin going. The main thing is that I have to upgrade the server, so that is causing a delay. Do you have a suggestion for an online site? I looked into Ning, but they did not respect users’ privacy enough for me (they collect the membership information).

    For the e-mails… Thanks for the reminder… I just saw your message from a few days ago. Sorry it got skipped. I’ll just go answer it now… 🙂

  3. proboards.com is where I’ve have a forum for many trouble free years. Best part is, it is free if you don’t mind the ads. For a small fee and they take the ads away.

  4. Thanks for the idea — I just looked into proboards, but they suggest they will give users’ personal data to advertisers, so decided against it. They’re all like that, really. I could just put up the old discussion board. It would be blank, though.

  5. Hi Rob,
    I am sure you are are getting bombarded with spam emails. But how can I get my license number for Sagelight version 4? None of my emails from last week got any reply. Shouldn’t all lifetime license owners automatically get an email with the new license?

    Thanks in advance,

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