New Sagelight Editor Discussion Board up and Running!

After a long delay caused by Sagelight Editor’s server company, the new discussion board is now online.

it can be found at

The new discussion board is much nicer than the previous discussion board which ended up killing itself. This new discussion board has a true WYSIWYG interface and allows pasting images right into the message.  Also, the image size is not limited as it was on the previous freeware discussion board.  The new discussion board is not freeware and it definitely shows.  It provides a much nicer, cleaner, and friendlier environment.

I just put it up and will be filling out and defining it into various sections over the next couple weeks, based on posts.

The previous discussion board showed that it was a great tool to learn more about how to get the best out of Sagelight, especially since version 4 has added so much more power.  It was really the loss of the discussion board that showed how useful it was, even if you don’t post — it’s a great resource to learn tips, tricks, and general information and ideas.    You can also easily share your images as well.

So, try it out, and post!

One thought on “New Sagelight Editor Discussion Board up and Running!

  1. Not Found

    The requested URL /forums/ was not found on this server.

    Apache/2.2.17 (Fedora) Server at Port 80

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