RSS available… well, everywhere

I just updated the discussion board and blog to work with RSS.  I didn’t realize until today that the RSS feed link at the WordPress blog had been removed. So, I took the time to just install RSS in a couple more places.

The discussion board also now automatically imports the RSS feed from the blog, and it looks great. In fact, if you’re reading this article on the discussion board, that’s because it was automatically posted by the discussion board from the blog feed.

What is RSS?

RSS is a great way to bring in entries from many websites, such as CNN, blogs, discussion boards, etc., right into  your e-mail program (for instance, there is a ‘feeds’ folder in Microsoft Outlook and Live Mail), desktop, or wherever.

You can see what is going on and read entries just as if they were on the website with full HTML and images, but in the comfort of your own desktop – without going to the site.

It makes a great way to keep track of places like Sagelight Editor because it’s informal and you don’t have to think about checking into the site or looking at the discussion board – it’s all done for you and presented in your e-mail or RSS reader.

How to install an RSS feed

In your e-mail or RSS reader, just copy and paste the links below.


Two ways to use RSS with Sagelight Editor Groups

The Discussion Board

You can subscribe to the Discussion Board RSS (discussion board is here), and it will also import the blog, as well. The discussion board imports the Blog RSS as blog entries by me with the prefix “Sagelight Blog”

Use this URL for the RSS feed:

note: if you used the RSS feed on the new discussion board before, it has been changed to reflect the discussion board entries and not the previous calendar RSS.

The Blog

If you just want the RSS feed for the blog, you can use this link: (remember the last ‘/’)

or go to the bottom of the right sidebar column and click RSS.

The blog at is the new blog, but the blog with the RSS link above looks nice in your RSS browser/e-mail program because it has a white background.  They are the same articles, just with a different format.

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