Announcing Sagelight Example Galleries

Sagelight has many before & after examples that show Sagelight’s power and strength, with some great and remarkable results.  They are now collected in one location at where you can see more of what Sagelight can do and how easy it is to use.

Screenshot of the gallery page

Click to go Sagelight Example Galleries

Sagelight Example Galleries

At the moment, the following galleries are included on the gallery page.

General Before & After Images

This gallery contains over 50 before & after images that you can overlay on top of each other as they fade in and out to see a direct comparison of how Sagelight changed the image.  These vary from very simple pictures to more advanced retouching and artistic approaches.


LightBlender Before & After Images

This gallery contains before & after pictures of images that were created with the LightBlender from an original source image.  In about half of the images, only the LightBlender was used, and in others the LightBlender was an integral part of the overall process.  An interesting thing to note in this gallery is the two-pass examples, where the LightBlender was used on two successive passes for much more dramatic results.

Duotones Created with Sagelight

This gallery shows duotones created from black-and-white (or color images converted to black-and-white) source images.

Duotones can be traditional sepia-tinted pictures to full-color tone images that look as if they were taken in color but with a surreal and stark look, combining the qualities of a black-and-white image with the depth of a color image.

In some cases, “Multi-Tone” images were created that use two or three base tones instead of one for interesting effects.

Subcompact Camera Examples

This gallery shows how Sagelight was able to take pictures from the lowest quality level of camera: the subcompact.  The images were taken with a Canon 12MP (with a lot of noise and very low CCD quality, as well as a low-quality lens) subcompact camera.

The images were treated with Sagelight, some of them being from RAW sources using CHDK.

The results are great, and one of the pictures, “Port Townsend” was called the best picture of Port Townsend on the Internet by the people at Fort Warden (located just outside of Port Townsend).

Google Streetview Examples

This gallery contains Google Streetview images edited with Sagelight to look great. These pictures were originally automated, fairly low-resolution, problematic, and dull.  The challenge is to find a picture and turn it into something you’d take if you were there instead of a lifeless, automated camera.

I’m still trying to get this going as a genre… Smile

Pictures of Dominique Gregoire

This gallery contains pictures taken by Dominique Gregoire and edited in Sagelight as a primary editing tool.  He’s graciously given permission to host the gallery and, I think you’ll agree, he’s a great photographer and has a great sense of subtlety when it comes to the post-processing/editing realm.

Sagelight Screenshots

This gallery contains several full-sized screenshots showing Sagelight doing various things in various modes.

More Example Galleries Coming Soon

Now that there is a cohesive, structured place for Sagelight examples, I’ll be posting a few more galleries as I get enough examples.

Makeover Gallery. One of the things that Sagelight is great at is the makeover – removing wrinkles, smoothing skin, and otherwise making skin tone and features look great – realistically, as opposed to a lot of fake results you might see out there.

Tone Blender Gallery.  I am working on some Tone Blender examples at the moment and will post the gallery as soon as I get enough.

Other Galleries.  There’s a lot more functionality coming soon to Sagelight that will add to even more great examples.  Or, if you have some suggestions, let me know!

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