$39.95 Lifetime Promotion Ending July 1st

The current $39.95 Lifetime Version Promotion is ending on July 1st.


(Image toned with the Tone Blender Controls)

(Image Credit: “Davos” by Thomas Claveirole)


Standard and Hobbyist/Pro Version Coming

After a couple delays, the $39.95 lifetime promotion is finally ending.

On July 1st, there will be two version of Sagelight, a Standard Version and Hobbyist/Pro Version.

The Pro Version is currently the lifetime version promotion.

The Pro Version is Sagelight as it exists right now.  There has been a large amount of high-end, professional level tools put into Sagelight version 4.0, and the time has come to bring them out in a special version.

See a description of some of the state-of-the-art Sagelight Technology here


(Tilt-Shift Image Created with Sagelight)

The Pro Version will contain the following things the Standard Version won’t:

    • Power Curves
    • Manual Curves (i.e. Curve Adjustments using the Curves Box attached to many controls)
    • Second Power Box Definition Layer
    • Advanced LightBlender Controls (the Standard Version will have only the 5-band equalizer, or perhaps will not include the LightBlender)
    • Image Blending
    • Tone Blending Advanced Toolset (i.e. Multi-Color Tools)
    • HSL and C*I*E LAB modes in Pro Quick Edit Mode
    • C*I*E LAB extensions on Gaussian Blur, Unsharp Mask, etc.
    • High Pass Filter
    • Vibrance Curves
    • Vibrance Function (the Vibrance in the Power Box will exist)
    • Advanced Controls in the Power Box
    • Pro Saturation Modes (i.e. the multiple-color space Pro Saturation Functions)
    • RGB Channel Mixer
    • Upcoming CLAHE (to be put into the next release), which is an HDR-ish effect mode
    • Advanced Options in the Quick Edit Mode
    • Variable Blur/Blur Vignette (about to be upgraded for more functions)
    • Lens Blur (scheduled for an upcoming release)
    • A few other items TBD

See a total feature list here.

The Standard version is still quite substantial and a price-point hasn’t been set for it yet.  That’s why the very low $39.95 promotion includes the Pro Version, to avoid confusion – basically, you get it all for life while the differences between versions are being sorted out.

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