Interactive Quick Reference Help

Every once in a while, I get a reminder of just how many functions and controls Sagelight really has.

I have been slowly writing more and more help for Sagelight to outline more of what it does and to explain some of the things that might go unnoticed.

There are quite a few controls that take up a small amount of space that can make quite a difference.  The little button called the “Neutralize Image Button” (in the Quick Edit Mode, just above the Color Spinner) is a good example of just such a button that takes up very little space, but can make a big difference in your image – the Color Spinner itself is another good example.

I’ve been working on more help, located at, which will help explain some of the powerful features of Sagelight, as well as better-document the controls.


Interactive Quick Reference Help

I’ve been really getting into the interactive quick reference charts lately, and am finding that they are very useful.  You can just put the mouse over the button number, which gives the control name, and the short-form documentation for that control comes up.

Here is an example:



The above is the Quick Edit Mode (basic controls).

A list of the ones just added

Quick Edit Mode. This will describe all of the controls in the Quick Edit Mode in the basic mode. There are 40+ controls described.

Bokeh & Lens Blur. This describes all Bokeh & Lens Blur controls.  There are about 45 controls described.

Auto Balance Function. This describes the Auto Balance controls in both the Quick Edit Mode and Pro Quick Edit Mode.  The algorithms are the same, but there are some behavioral differences between the two modes (in short, the Pro Quick Edit Mode version is better).

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