Introduction to Sagelight Bokeh & Lens Blur Video


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I just posted a video that gives an introduction to the Sagelight Bokeh and Lens Blur function.

I have a number of tutorials planned, and this video is more of an overview than a tutorial.

It shows how to quickly create Lens Blur and Bokeh effects with little effort.  It also shows how easy it is to use the mask in the Bokeh/Lens Blur function to make the feature even more effective.

In this particular video, the emphasis is on the easy masking.  One of the issues with Bokeh and Lens Blur is that, typically, you have to create the mask before you go into the Bokeh/Lens Blur function.

This can make creating a mask rather difficult, since you have to know what you’re going to do, more or less, before you can perform the blur.  This causes pressure to make the mask well-defined, which can take a lot of time and, realistically, transform something that should be fun into a lot of work – especially if you’re just experimenting to see if anything good comes from playing around with the Bokeh/Lens Blur.

With Sagelight, you can simply go into the Bokeh/Lens Blur with no intentions and edit as you go.

The main rule with the mask is: just work with what you see, and don’t worry about being careful.  You can just create a very quick mask within a few short seconds, and then hit the little “hot spots” that you want later.

The Shaped Auto-mask in the Bokeh really helps you out, so you don’t need to completely define your mask.

Also, the a large amount of coding work went into making the Bokeh and Lens blur not have to work with very detailed masks.  This is because creating a mask with the Bokeh/Lens Blur is a natural thing to want to do, and it was important to make sure that it was not only an easy process, but also not very intimidating.

You can use depth masks and be as complicated and detailed as you want to be.  But, for most things, you can just experiment and add details as you go, which, for me, makes image editing not only more fun and entertaining, but also more of a spontaneous artistic activity.

I never really know what I want do with an image until I’m doing it, and that’s how I’ve written Sagelight.  The Bokeh/Lens Blur function really was a challenge for me in that regard, as these functions are very intensive and took a long time to write.

But, between the interactive masking, real-time display, and highlight masking (next video), the Bokeh/Lens Blur functions can be used to create some very different and artistic images in just a few minutes.

This video shows how I went from this:



to this:




With just about 2-3 minutes of actual work on my part!

The video is located at:


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