More Informal Blogging…

I am in the process of moving right now, and won’t really be set up for development until the 15th of August.  This was a good time for a break anyway, and it’s also a great time to look at getting back to the blog. 

Since I won’t have my entire development system for a while, I can’t really post a lot of pictures, either (because I need the nice, color-corrected monitor, otherwise I post things that look nice on my portable, but in reality are tinted blue/yellow, dark, or bright, etc.), this is a great time to discuss some things about Sagelight. 

Some things have come up on the discussion board that I think will make great blog posts, such as the Sagelight model, my view of it, and where is going, but also — and, I think, more important — where it is at now.   I also want to discuss certain aspects of Sagelight, such as the Apply button, the idea of what I call more ‘discrete editing’, and why many of the things in Sagelight are by design to make the editing process easier and more fun, while also being better for your image. 

Since I am a little disconnected from my environment for the next couple weeks, I will probably follow-up some posts with some images later, for better context and examples.  I have some examples that are already ready to go, so I can post those in the meantime. 

I want to explore some of these issues in smaller pieces, as well.  Part of the reason I haven’t put things like this out on the blog before is because of the lengthy nature of it.  By breaking it up into pieces, it will be easier to explore, and then I can piece it together and put it into the help system later. 

note: blogging in small pieces is a new style for me, but I like the idea of making smaller blog entries, so I can do more blogging on a weekly basis, as well as do more stream-of-consciousness typing (like now).  Please feel free to let me know how I am doing!

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