New Sagelight Releases Continue Your Lifetime License

Just a quick post.

I received an e-mail recently asking if the new release will invalidate the lifetime license.

The answer is definitely ‘no’ – the lifetime version of Sagelight includes all updates forever, and when the Pro version finally splits from the standard version, all lifetime versions will become the Pro version by default.

Also, since the new release is version 4.4h, and you have any version 4.x of Sagelight, it will upgrade into the new releases, whether or not it is a lifetime license.

Please feel free to upgrade into the latest release and any upcoming release, as the lifetime license covers the lifetime of Sagelight and not the specific version you have.

Since I received a question about it, I thought it was worthwhile to create a blog post on the subject, just to resolve any questions.

The $39.95 lifetime sale continues, at least until version 4.5 release.

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