Announcing Sagelight’s Facebook and Twitter Pages

Sagelight Image Editor is on Facebook and Twitter

I’m happy to announce Sagelight’s presence on Facebook ( and Twitter (

With Sagelight’s last release (Noise Reduction, posted here:, and the upcoming 4.5 release, it’s time to get out there on social media! 

With Facebook and Twitter, I will be posting links to blog posts, discussion board conversations, Flickr and other gallery images, as well as posts from other sources about image editing and photography.

Please feel free to let me know how I am doing as I integrate Facebook and Twitter into Sagelight.  I think will help show what Sagelight can do and to make editing that much more fun and creative by showing what others are doing, too.

I’ve already posted quite a bit on Twitter and Facebook, so check it out (follow and like, too!).

2 thoughts on “Announcing Sagelight’s Facebook and Twitter Pages

  1. Just posted on Facebook. Great to see you there. Also, as I posted, one of the best, if not the best, tool I have used for editing. Looking forward to seeing what lies ahead for 4.5.

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