Cinepan Flickr Group – Download Cinepan Images, and Upload Your Images


Cinepan Flickr Group

I just started the Cinepan Flickr Group.

In this group, I have placed a number of Cinepan Images – some new ones just today.  WIth the new version of the Cinepan Player, you can download any of these jpegs (as the ‘original image’) and just place it in the Cinepan Player directory.  The Cinepan information (such as Horizon, Angle, Description, Thumbnails, etc.) is embedded in the JPEG.

Uploading Your Own Cinepan Images

Now that you can use the Cinepan Player to create your own Cinepan Images, you can create a JPEG that you can upload to the group.

One of the reasons I wrote the Cinepan Player – in addition to a kind-of fascination with the idea of ‘Cinematic’ panoramas – is because people take such great panoramas these days, especially since cameras make it so much easier.

With an amazing immersive effect, putting your panorama into the Cinepan Player will make it look great!

To download the Cinepan Player (it’s free), go to

People have upload such great images edited with Sagelight Editor as well as other image editors, and I am excited to see what happens in this group, too!

One thought on “Cinepan Flickr Group – Download Cinepan Images, and Upload Your Images

  1. Rob, when the pano is converted will it have an extension .Cinepan after the name? I did one and that’s what came up but when I look at properties it shows .Jpeg… I wouldn’t want to put something in the group that wouldn’t work…

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