Cinepan Player 2.1 (Beta) – Add Your Own Panorama


I am happy to announce the release of Sagelight Cinepan Player 2.1.

Based on requests, you can now add your own panorama to the Cinepan Player.

All you need to do is to load your image and set a few settings, such as the Horizon Angle, Description, and so-forth, and you’re ready to go!

Easy JPEG Format

In addition to the standard .PGR format (which encrypts your jpeg), you can also create a simple JPEG that you can upload to photo-sharing sites for people to download.  The Cinepan Image information is embedded in the JPEG itself, so that’s all you need.

You can also create a simple text file so that describes any JPEG file and add it to the Cinepan Player.

Add Your Panorama Interactively

You can add your panorama easily by simply loading it, and the Panorama will start displaying, moving back-and-forth.  You can then set the Angle, Horizon Angle, and other elements in realtime to get the best look for your Panorama.

When you’re done, you can write out any of the three formats (a text file, a new JPEG with a set JPEG Quality, or a PGR file that stores your JPEG).

Then just put the images into the Cinepan Player directory.

Download the new version of Cinepan Player

You can download the new version at (it will show as version 2.1)

If you have not downloaded the Cinepan Player before, also download one of the two .PKG files to get started with some Cinepan Images: (55 Megs — this has 27 Cinepan Images in it)

or (25 Megs – this has 25 Cinepan images in it at a lower resolution, though it’s not really noticeable).

Put either of these files in the same directory as the Cinepan Player and it will extract them automatically.



Beta’ Tag added – Sometimes A lot of Code Looks Simple!

As it turns out, the addition of the code to add your own Panorama was just as much or more code as the main program.  This is because I wanted to make it very simple, and, as most programmers know, the more simple it looks, the more code there is underneath it all!

I labeled it a ‘Beta’ version to make sure all of the kinks or worked out.

I also put up a Flickr Group Page, which I will announce in the next post.

Getting back to Sagelight Development

Now that I have the Cinepan Player out in a way where people can add their own panoramas, hopefully it will grow.

But, I know many people are wondering if I am drifting away from Sagelight development in favor of the Cinepan Player.  As I described on the discussion board, not at all – and, in fact, this will help drive Sagelight development for many reasons, the least of which is the Cinepan Player being an outlet for work done with Sagelight editor.

I’m really looking forward to seeing your panoramas, and I think they will look fantastic in the Cinepan Player.

I am back to Sagelight development now, and the Cinepan Player will be a nice place for me to use Sagelight – all images I post for the Cinepan Player are edited in Sagelight for contrast, noise, color, etc.


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