Cinepan Player available for General Release (with Installer & Uninstall)


Cinepan Player Version 2.4 General Release. Now with Installer, Screensaver Installer, and Uninstall

Now that the Cinepan Player has received some feedback, I’ve written a proper installer and uninstall.

Now you can just download (20 Megabytes)

and the following will happen:

  1. It will install the Cinepan Player.exe program, into the programs folder or folder of your choice
  2. It will install 6 sample Cinepan Panoramas in the default Cinepan Image Directory (or a directory you choose.  The Default is Documents\Cinepan Player
  3. It will place CinepanPlayer.scr into the screensaver directory.  You can have the installer set this as the default screensaver, if you desire.
  4. It will also place an Uninstall program into the Windows Registry so you may uninstall it.

Cinepan Player is a Windows program and requires at least 1 Gig of memory (2 is better).



New with Version 2.4

A few new things with version 2.4, and why it’s good to upgrade

  • Cinepan Images Directory.  There is now a specific directory where Cinepan Images are placed.  You can change this directory to anything you wish.
  • Refresh Images List.  You can refresh the image list when you add Cinepan Images.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • 300 Megs of Development Memory.  Cinepan Player was taking 300 Megabytes of your memory because I forgot to remove some development test-code.
    • Reduced Memory Usage.  There was also some other memory the Cinepan Player was using that it didn’t need to use.  The memory profile is now much lower.
    • Radiobuttons when Adding your own panorama.  There was a bug where the “PGR” button was filled in when you set a TEXT or JPEG file as output.
    • Exits Cleaned up.  When you exited the main UI (not in Screensaver Mode), sometimes the program quit instead of returning to the main menu.  Now everything returns to the main menu.

The Cinepan Player now puts the version in the Window.  It still identifies itself as a beta.  I will remove the beta tag after a few reports.

Please send me Feedback!

This is the first general release of the Cinepan Player.  This is the version I will be uploading generally to the Internet, outside the scope of the discussion board and this blog.

Your feedback will be great!  This version is meant to be run as a general program and you shouldn’t need to know anything about your directories or how to run uninstalled programs – it should all work just fine as a normal Windows program from this point.

Thanks for the feedback so far on the previous beta versions.

Getting New Panoramas

Remember the Cinepan Flickr Group

You can download a number of Cinepan Images from there, and I will be adding more in the next few days.



The Cinepan Player is now where I want it to be for now, finally!  I am very happy with it.  I will address bugs as they come up, as well as future additions. 

The Cinepan Player is free and based on donations, and I will add more to it as more people use it.

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