Announcing–now back to regularly scheduled Sagelight Programming..



I am pleased to announce  With the introduction of the web page, and the general release of Cinepan Player (i.e. through CNEt, etc. – until now, the Cinepan Player was simply in a beta release), I can now take it out of the initial development phase and put it into a full-realized product phase, doing more maintenance, bug fixes, and improvements over time.

As I mentioned in previous blog posts, it was a nice distraction and showed me quite a lot about not only what I’ve done with Sagelight, but what I want to do with the next phase of Sagelight and, more particularly, how to do it!

If you don’t know what the Cinepan Player is, go to –- it’s a free program that displays some great VR panoramas on your desktop.  You can also go to the Cinepan Player Flickr Page

Also, let me know what you think.  I can be reached at


Development Modes

In a previous blog post, I mentioned that having a smaller, contained program to work on for a while reminded me of not only how much I have done with Sagelight (as the entirety of the Cinepan Player – a release program on its own – is about the size of the HDR module in Sagelight, in terms of effort, technology development, and so-forth.

This showed me how much I have done with Sagelight, but also being able to take a product from a raw state and to design and implement the entire lifecycle of it was a nice refresher in terms of encapsulating separate design levels and objects in Sagelight itself.



Developing Sagelight

Now I am returning to Sagelight development,and it will be nice to get back to it.  As I mentioned before, I have Sagelight elements I’ve been developing, and have also decided to focus currently on enhancing the UI to make the powerful functions in Sagelight much more accessible and even easier to use.

Particularly, I am looking forward to the Power Box, Light Blender, Masking, and the overall Quick Edit Mode – there are an amazing array of functions in just those areas alone that don’t exists in most editors – and all of it non-destructive (for those curious about that).

I also am looking forward to creating new ways to make some of the functions outside of the Quick Edit Mode shine, such as the Smart Light – a very nice function that is also one of the most powerful functions in Sagelight (it’s also very quick and easy to use).


Conclusion (and a quasi-programmer’s blog entry)

The Cinepan Player is now basically finished as a release product, with it’s own website at and flickr group page at

While a separate product, the Cinepan Player will always have direct ties to Sagelight, as the Cinepan Player is a great way to show some results of images edited in Sagelight.

The Cinepan player is a free product, and it is nice to get something purely artistic out there – that is, the tangible side of Sagelight… for me, that is…  sometimes it is easy to get buried in the code and forget how powerful Sagelight really is.

If anything, the Cinepan Player reminded me of just that: how powerful Sagelight really is, both in the internal code and what it actually helps you produce with your images.

I see the Cinepan Player – in relation to Sagelight – as a win-win; something to not only give me that great creative & tangible outlet for Sagelight, but also just as a nice free program to put out there.  

Really, when it comes down to it, and for me, it’s all about art – that is, personal art.  What you want to create and how and where to show it.

My ‘thing’ has always been to create programs and other ways to show other people’s artwork, which is an art of itself, really.  I also produce my own artwork, and some of it is in the Cinepan Player (I have many panoramas I will be uploading in addition to the ones I already uploaded).

But, my main fascination has always been to help other people with their artwork, either in creating it or finding ways to show the world just how much nice work there is out there coming from hobbyists, amateurs and professionals alike.

The Cinepan Player is another such program, as the panoramas I’ve found (which are generously contributed by their authors through Creative Commons licensing) are simply amazing, with gorgeous and breathtaking views; the Cinepan Player showing them in one particular way that I personally see as artful and immersive in a very compelling manner.

Sagelight is also a program that helps people show their photographic artwork – just in another way.  Sagelight helps you create even more from your original photographs or other artwork , and I am very proud of what I’ve been able to do with it so far.

There is much more I am planning with Sagelight, and I am happy to be back at it!


2 thoughts on “Announcing–now back to regularly scheduled Sagelight Programming..

  1. Sagelight is a pleasure to use. I use it almost exclusively. It would be helpful to have an image resizing tool.

  2. Glad you where able to get Cinepan player to this point. And I am excited to hear you are getting back to Sagelight programing. I look forward to see what you are planning for Sagelight. I love that program and am glad you have decided to move forward with it. I will donate when I can.

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